Сценарий итогового концерта недели английского языка

Инсценировка песни MY BONNY IS OVER THE OCEAN.

Олимпиады: Английский язык 2 - 11 классы

Содержимое разработки

марта 2014

Неделя английского языка


Сценарий инсценированной песни )

Scene 1 Good afternoon to everybody! Ladies and gentleman! Today you will listen to and see the adventures of Bonnie the sailor.

Once upon a time there lived a sailor. He was sailing for a long, long time and got tired. He was lucky. When he was 14 he met a pretty girl.

Scene 2 Poems " A little girl " (a sailor and a girl) I met a little girl

The sailor was very poor and he decided to become a businessman to earn some money, at least, for wedding. He was dreaming. And what was in his dream? It was his life

iIn … Pruboiskaya school.

Scene 3 — Poems My Figaro (Molchanova Natasha class 11) My name is Ann (class 2) (class3) (class 4) Robin Bobbin (class 7)

Scene 4 So, he decided to go to some island to aborigines and sell them some goods. "What would I sell?’’ he thought .”Caps!'' And he said good bye to his bride.

(Сцена прощания)

Folk song "My Bonnie Is over the Ocean" (all pupils) I couplet.

While Bonnie is far away we have some time for the best pupils to get special prizes

Scene 5 Награждение победителей

The nominations:

  1. Olimpiada in English

  1. New Year greetings

  1. Translations

  1. Valentine’s Day

Scene 6

Some years passed by. Our sailor became older and cleverer. And his bride grew up.

Once in one island he went to the market place. The sun was shining brightly It was hot. He sat down into the shadow of a tree and fell asleep.

On this island there were many wild monkeys.

While Bonny was sleeping they had stolen all his caps. When he woke up he saw the monkeys had taken all his caps. “Where are my caps?”

He put his cap on.

The monkeys did the same. "Give me my caps back!" he shouted and waved his hand. The monkeys repeated this action. "Give me my caps back!" he cried and threatened them by his fist.

The monkeys also showed their fists. In despair he threw his cap onto the ground. They did the same. Переводчик


The sailor gathered the caps, went to the market and sold everything. Now he is rich and nearly happy.

. And what a rich man is doing. He is sleeping...

Scene 7

The sailor was still sleeping. And in his dream he again saw his favorite Prudboyskaya school.

Poems O MY LOVE (CLASSES 9,10),

Suddenly his telephone rang… " Hi, my dear , Hi , my love." -– Where are you,I wonder?- It’s a pity, I’m so far from here. _“Why are you calling me, my honey?

Song "I Just Called To Say I Love You (Steve Wonder)


Scene 8

Soon he came back home to his beloved. They got married and lived happily for a long, long time.

My Bonny (Couplet III) from their seats. Victoriya sings


To add “ We will…rock you”


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