Famous actors and actresses

This plan of the lesson is very interesting.

Олимпиады: Английский язык 2 - 11 классы

Содержимое разработки


Form: 9 A

Subject: English


Theme of the lesson: Famous actors and actresses


Educational: to enrich vocabulary and to pay attention to pronunciation, to revise Present Perfect Tense.

Developing: to develop children’s spoken and listening fluency, reading and writing skills.

Upbringing: to bring up to be inquisitive, attentive and purposeful, to motivate children to learn foreign languages.

The procedure of the lesson

Ι. Preliminaries


- Good morning my dear Friends! I am so glad to see you.

- Are you ready for our lesson? Yes, so let’s start!

In order to organize our work, I ask you to attach the funny stars:

Pink – you will be active at the lesson

Yellow - you will be lucky at the lesson

Green - you will be purposeful at the lesson

orange - you will be talkative at the lesson (Slide 2)

-So, today we are going to tell about famous actors and actresses. I hope you’ll be very industrious and active at our lesson today. Look at the blackboard and read the epigraphs. These words will be the main idea of our lesson.

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher.”

(Ken Keys)

-Can you explain what does it mean? (Slide 3)

ΙΙ. Warm-up

Which word is different? “Brainstorming”
a) comedy, boring, western
b) news, jazz, pop
c) movie, cinema, theatre

d) game-shows, horror films, talk-shows (Slide 4)

ΙΙΙ. Checking the home task (Slide 5)

ΙV. Pre-reading

-Cinema combines different arts. That’s why people of different professions are involved in film making. You can see the words on the blackboard (8 professions). Your task is to make the right sentences and write down on your sheets of paper.

(Key: 1c 2b 3g  4h   5d  6a   7e   8f)


  a) producer   b) an actor   c) a camera (operator)  d) a stuntman

e) a script (writer) f) an actress   g)  a  make-up (artist)     h)   a director



 1.… is a man who looks through the camera, and operates the equipment.

 2...is a man who pretends to be another person and acts in a film.

 3.….is a woman who can make a new face for an actor.

 4.…is a man who is the boss and tells everybody what to do.

 5.…is a person who does all the dangerous things on the screen instead of actors.

 6.…is a man who has general control of the money for a film but he doesn't direct the actors.

 7.…is a man who writes scripts for films, shows.

 8.… is a woman who pretends to be another person and acts in a film. (Slide 6)

V. Reading

Look at the board. Do you know them? Who are they? (Slide 7)

Read the text about Keira Knightley individually. (p. 140 ex.3)

VΙ. Post-reading

Write questions to these answers. (p. 141 ex.4)

  1. When was she born?

  2. How long has she lived in England?

  3. Which film did she become famous for?

  4. Why did she have problems at school?

  5. What is one of the most famous films where she acted in? (Slide 8)

Read the text about Orlando Bloom and choose the correct verb. (p. 141 ex.6)

Has lived, left, played, has appeared, played, has made, has been.

V. Home task

p.142 ex. 8 Compare two actors. (Slide 9)

VΙ. Evaluation

Thank you for your work. Your marks are …

VΙΙΙ. Reflexion

What have you learned today? Was it interesting or boring?

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